Artist:  Stuart Godfrey

Medium:  Oil on cradled panel

Dimensions:23 X 45″

Framed with handcrafted, floater frame.

Price: $2500.00

To inquire about, or make arrangements to purchase this artwork, please visit this link: https://www.stuartgodfrey.com/workszoom/4565985/neils-harbour#/



“In my initial painting  Barn On 4th Line I had decided on a square format and a tight composition. I really loved the look of this old, weathered barn and the interesting shapes created by the broken and missing barn boards. I liked how the painting turned out and knew that I would paint it again, this time in a wider composition showing off its surrounding environment.
It’s been interesting painting a painting for the second time and how you approach things a little differently and interpret and filter the reference material again. I tried to avoid looking at my original “Barn On 4th Line” just so I wouldn’t fall into just copying what I did before but, truth be told, I did sneak a few peeks just to see how I’d previously handled a particular section or problem. This painting stayed on my easel longer than I thought it would- a couple of sky repaints didn’t help things along but it was worth it, I’m really proud of it.”


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