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Bridgeport Fine Art is now relaunching after being on pause for the past two years. It is now primarly a collective gallery headed up by Roger Schmidt and at present includes three other collaborating artists, Stuart Godfrey, Shannon Reynolds & Kari Visscher. As well we continue to have a selection of works by several guest artists.

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Well, this weekend would have been the grand opening celebration for our new Art Gallery, Bridgeport Fine Art, here in Kitchener. Obviously not happening at this time. In spite of the disappointment, I cannot help but feel blessed. I know we will get through this and the genuine encouragement and support from all the artists and friends involved in getting this project off the ground has been very heart-warming. I'll be posting better single photos of the many excellent paintings we have hanging along with more details on the artists and their works in the coming days. If anything catches your eye, don't hesitate to message me. Any purchase would be so much appreciated from all the artists during this challenging time. Here's a quick video tour of what's hanging so far. There are still several more pieces to put up that are not yet shown. Cheers to all and please stay safe!

Posted by Roger Schmidt on Thursday, 26 March 2020